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Next Steps

Sometimes, total life change happens in an instant, but more often it happens gradually.

As Reach Group leaders, our primary role is to discover the spiritual condition of group members and walk beside them leading them one step closer to God.  What this looks like will be different for each and every person.

Here are some practical examples to help you:

  • If a group member is not in a relationship with Christ, help get them there, by sharing your personal testimony with them, and even offering to pray with them to invite Jesus into their heart.  Invite them to a Sunday Morning Experience to engage in worship and hear a life changing message.

    • Introduce them to other followers of Christ.
    • Invite them to join you for a coffee or a smoothie from SOZO CAFE.
  • Make plans to meet with them sometime soon after their first experience for any questions they may have.
  • Encourage group members to pray, study, and meditate on Gods word.

  • Encourage group members to be baptized.

  • Connect group members to GT-GrowthTrac.

  • Introduce group members to the idea of living devoted (Deeply Engaged Voluntarily Overwhelmed Toward Endless Discovery).  

    • A helpful resource for them would be the YouVersion Bible App.  

The health and success of Reach Groups will depend on the leaders intentionality to personally know and help each person move one step closer to Christ.  Remember we are here if you need any help!  

Keep Reaching towards CHRIST, COMMUNITY, & CALLING!

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